Andrew Chang

Andrew Chang is an educator, author, painter and designer of Educational Contents. He has lived and studied Art and Design in Korea, Germany, Canada, and in New York City for over three decades since he left South Korea in 1979. He is the Director of Programs for International Students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, as well as on faculty in the Fine Arts Department teaching Watercolor Painting and Creative Drawing.
Andrew Chang has had seven one-man shows and numerous group shows in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Korea. Many of his paintings have been discovered by collectors and are now held privately. He is also the co-founder of American Creative Trends, Inc. where he develops creative educational programs for both young children and college level students. His success as an illustrator started with assignments from clients such as The New York Times Book Review, ADweek, Business week, and Playboy Magazine.
Professor Chang is the author of a biographical essay book, "The Man Who Picked A Big Apple", as well as textbooks, "The World of Illustration", and, co-authored with Professor Julie Lieberman, "A Survey of Illustration". His most recent publications are a textbook for art teachers titled "Art Classes in Growing the Imagination", and “Andrew Chang’s step-by-step Watercolor workbook”, and “How to Draw Animals” for young children.

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