Drawing with Mixed Media

FII-1005-A (3 UG Credits)

Full-time students only

Whether a student wants to be a fine artist or a graphic designer, or whether a student draws from observation or imagination, the 4 H's are essential for developing creative work: head (concept), hand (skill), heart (emotion), and humor (culture). Through unique lesson approaches, students will be encouraged to create freely like an innocent child, developing the connection between their hands, eyes, and emotions.

All studio classes will use live models as subjects, and students will learn to utilize pencils, watercolor, and other materials while practicing a variety of techniques. Students will be guided on how to use line and color artistically to express their ideas and individual personalities, and will learn to enjoy making mistakes.

Additional drawing-on-location classes will help students build a habit of visually recording their surroundings in a sketchbook, which will further develop their observational skills and give them the power to see and enjoy nature in a new way.